At SBC Technologies, we offer a large range of web based products and services. Our products and services are continually growing, and we strive to exceed our customers expectations.



We offer a full range of sales and service on a large range of products & services.




Please see below for a full listing of our products and services:

Here at SBC Technologies, we can build a completely personalised website to suit your individual needs & style. We use Adobe software to build custom websites, with supplementary software to create all aspects of a personalised website.




Rather than charging a large upfront cost, especially for small businesses that may not have a large income, all our custom websites are charged at a monthly fee instead of a large one off payment. You can choose a 1 or 2 year minimum contract term, after which is complete we will still maintain the website for a continuing monthly fee.


This monthly fee, both in-contract and outside of contract, includes basic maintenance of your website. This basic maintenance includes a monthly check up to make sure the website is running optimally, updating any features on the website that may have an updated version release, and general checks overall to ensure everything is as it should be.


Large changes to the website after its initial completion will incur extra cost. This may be discussed with us at any time during the construction or after completion of your website.


Is your current website looking old and tired? Does it need a facelift? Is the original creator of your website no longer around so you can't do anything new with it? Well lucky for you, we offer a rebuild/refurbish service on currently existing websites. Using your current website as a template, we can rebuild it using Adobe software, updating it & giving it a fresh new look


Due to this service being a complete reduild in likely different software to the original, we cannot guarantee the website will look exactly like the original. Some aspects may appear slightly different, such as colours and some forms etc. While we endeavour to replicate the original website us much as possible, please be aware of this.