At SBC Technologies, we offer a large range of I.T based products and services. Our products and services are continually growing & and we strive to exceed our customers expectations.



We offer a full range of sales and service on a large range of products & services.




Please see below for a full listing of our products and services:

At SBC Technology, we offer a full range of personal and business computer services. We can provide you with prebuilt PC's & laptop computers (name brand,eg: Dell, Toshiba, Asus), including installation at your premises.

We provide a custom build PC service to meet your individual requirements for a completely custom built PC. We can also order and provide parts to you if you prefer to assemble it yourself. We can provide individual parts as replacements to your existing components if they are old or no longer functioning. This includes external peripheral accessories for your PC as well.






We also offer a build to price service on custom PCs. see below for details on this service.



We offer 5 different build services in total for our customers. 4 of these are a build to price service dependant on your budget, or the type of PC you require. The 5th is a completely custom build service, for which we will tailor a build to your individual need & budget, providing you with a custom price quote for your unique build of PC.



The below examples are for the computer tower only! Operating system, other software, external hardware or peripherals are not included in the price of these examples.






Approximate specifications:


Intel I3 Processor


8GB Ram

350 watt power supply

1TB Hard Drive

Midi Case




Approximate specifications:


Intel I5 Processor


8GB Ram

450 watt Power Supply

2TB Hard Drive

Midi Case



Approximate Specifications:


Intel I7 Processor

Gaming Motherboard

16GB Ram

550 watt Power Supply

SSD(Solid State Drive) + 1TB Hard Drive

Dedicated GPU(Graphics/Video Card)

Midi or Full Case

Extreme/Gaming PC-POA (Price on Application)


Approximate specifications:


High-end Intel I7 Processor/ I9 Processor

High-end Gaming Motherboard

16/32GB High-end Ram

750 watt Power Supply

SSD + 2 2TB Hard Drives

Dedicated High-end GPU

Midi or Full Case

We also offer networking solutions for home and business PC's. We can order and provide modems, routers, and network switches ranging from 4 to 48 port. These network peripherals can be provided to you as is, or pre-programmed with your settings if you provide them to us.