At SBC Technologies, we offer a large range of Communication based products and services. Our products and services are continually growing, and we strive to exceed our customers expectations.



We offer a full range of sales and service on a large range of products & services.




Please see below for a full listing of our products and services:

At SBC Technologies, we offer a range of Alcatel phone systems, for both business and personal needs. Whether it is a compact system for your home or small business, or a large system for your entire building, we can find the right fit for you.


All phone systems will be price available on quote, as there are many varying options depending on your individual needs. We can provide a range of different size systems: Compact, small, medium & large.


Systems start from 2 lines & 4 extensions(phone handsets), to 64 lines & 240 extensions.



SBC Technologies is also a certified and registered Internet & phone provider(just like Telstra, Optus etc). We can provide telephone and internet solutions for your home or business through both ADSL2 and NBN